Welcome to my portfolio website!

This website showcases the industry skills I have gained and continue to improve upon. I have also included samples of my written work.

If you are interested in discussing a job opportunity, please contact me by leaving a reply.

“I worked with Kara for almost two years at Paragon Bioservices. She did a great job assisting the Business Development and Marketing departments, using her skills in WordPress, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to create the content and layout of Paragon’s new website. At the same time, she was involved in developing email marketing campaigns (using Salesforce and Pardot), designing marketing materials for scientific conferences and trade shows and managing Paragon’s social media and press releases. She did it all with a great attitude and readiness to learn. She would be a great asset for any organization who is lucky enough to work with her.”

Debbie James (retired, late 2015) EVP, Paragon Bioservices, Inc.

“Kara and I worked together at Paragon Bioservices, for over a year. She had joined us during a particularity busy conference season. Despite her lack of formal (Trade Show Coordinator) training, Kara was able to jump in with both feet and use her exceptional organizational skills to ensure our conferences went off without a hitch. Throughout her employment with Paragon Bioservices, Kara was adaptable and efficient in every task assigned. She was always cheerful and dependable, consistently made deadlines, and would be a valuable addition to any team!”

Emily Earll, Marketing Specialist at Paragon Bioservices, Inc.


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